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You Know My Steez


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Drew Raber's Very First Solo Mixtape! This Mixtape is a whole collage of songs featuring various artists such as:
Young Swizz
Brennan Ford
Trade Voorhees
Mexican Mike and Tate from Passed Up
Vic Smith
& D-Pryde

AND beats produced by:
Drew Raber
Tim "Money-T" Raber
Trade Voorhees
Jehf Slaps
& Mute Speaker.

Also comes with two BONUS tracks, for all the amazing fans :D

Hope Everyone Enjoys.



released April 1, 2012



all rights reserved


MAN$A DR€W North Las Vegas, Nevada

sad genius :(

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Track Name: Swingsets (Intro)
See I just wanna be cool,
Hang with the popular kids,
At a popular school,
And go to popular party's
Swim in a popular pool,
And play basketball,
Learn how to put a ball in a hole,
But that's me.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a nerd,
Straddle along like a loner,
Throw some rocks at the birds,
I watch Fam Guy all day,
I know that Bird is the word,
Used to sit around and
Do nothing at home doing work (Uh).

But now I'm in a studio
Writing Rhymes, Siting Lines,
Making Beats, Getting Signed,
Everything the whole 9 Yards,
No I got 9 Cars, and I'll have 5 stars
On everything no 4's Like Brett Favre

Now I Got Swag, Jetlag,
Traveled 'Round the World and Back
Gotta Make History Promise That
All You Will Remember That,
Remember When My Pockets Flat?
Now You See My Pockets Fat,
Free, YES!
Playing Like It's Recess
Track Name: You Know My Steez [Prod. by Drew Raber]
You Know My Steez,
When I Be Riding In Them Bentley's,
Top That, Chop That,
Kicks like Jet Li,
With My Jumbo Dice,
and other Stuff They Get Me,
Brand New iPhone Go Ahead and Text Me Like,

Why You Rap So Fast,
Why You Act Like That,
Whenever I Come Around?

I Don't Know Why,
They Just Know I,
I Play My Music Loud.

I Like My Music Loud,
Two Subs Busting Out,
Bass So Heavy,
You Can Hear My Speakers Screaming Out.

Though My Slow Flow is My Dope Flow
Speeds Be Moving Up and Down Kinda Like A Yo-Yo
But the Volume Goes Up Like A Slope Though.
Charlie Sheen Flow, People Thinkin' That I'm Loco
I'm On The Beat Solo.

Schwoogi Sample on the Hook.
You Wouldn't Be Rapping Like This Even If You Could,
But Uhhhh,

You Know My Steez,
Ya'll Ain't Catching Up
Cause I'm On My 10th Speed (Ugh)
Track Name: Vans (feat. Passed Up)
[Drew Raber]
Them Vans Look Nice See
Never Catch Me Wearing Them SB Nike's.

I'm A Hypebeast
Only Wear Them Clothes That You'd Find Online See.

My Team,
Wear's Chukka Low's,
Never Catch Me Riding Downtown With the Music Low,

Hear The Bass, Then You Hear The Music Slow,
Wait, Stop.
Now Here We Go.

Landing Kickflips,
Doing Sick Tricks,
My Half-Cabs Look Nice When They Glisten,
And I'm The King of The Hill, Strickland,
Strictly Rocking Vans Man Can You Listen?

Everybody Rockin' Snapbacks,
Take A Pic, Say Cheese, Then Snap That,
Want Some Advice?
Check Out My Kicks,
Been Rocking Vans Ever Since '66.

[Tate of Passed Up]
Kicks So Mean,
The Streets Are Free To Me,
All Different Colors Bubblegum,
No Ice Cream,

Fat Laces, Matching Hat and a Tee,
Passed Up On The Back, Front, No Team,

You Can Say That We Really Fly,
We Give You Wings,
Red Bull Everytime,

You Know The Motto,
Best Out of Vegas,
Don't Believe Us?
Check the Magazine Pages.

Bring the Hi-Hat With a Kick and Snap,
Double Time Now, Mike Set a Clap,
Sorry, I'm Just Having Fun,
Like My Beats Like My Steak Only Take 'Em Well Done,
Tate's Great Escape,
Wait, I Can't Elaborate,
Captain and Coke, With A Queen And A Dinner Plate,
Give Me Five Stars With A Wink And A Smiley Face,
I Got Ya Girl You Can Pick Her Up At My Place.

[Mike of Passed Up]
I Got My Vans On,
She's Like, "Yo, Where's The Chucks?"
Got 'Em In The Closet,
New Shhh, Passed Up.

The Lil' Homies Like, "What's Good On The Sixteen?"
"I Gotcha, Come Through Make Shoulder Whip Clean."

Get The Bass Down Low, Down Low, Down Low,
She Rockin' Gum Bottoms,
But She Feel It In Her Toes

Fat Laces, And The All Black Kicks,
With The Tongue Hanging Out,
Like an MJ Pic.

Drew Got Style,
From His Hair to the Strings,
You Can Say He Goes Hard,
But I Say He Goes Concrete,

Skate Hard Or Go Home,
Yeah You Know The Motto,
They See Us Roll By
And They All Wanna Follow.

Next Mike, Tate
Jahma And The Double P's
Smokin' Apple And They Reppin' LV

Don't Like It,
But They All Know We Win,
At The Top Of My Half Pipe,
I'm Just Dropping In.
Track Name: Otis (feat. Young Swizz)
[Drew Raber]
Prescott's In The Building,
Dr. Drew On The Mic,
Tell Me How You Feelin,
Took Me To The Hospital and Told Me I Was Illin',
Gave Me All These Drugs and They Told Me I Should Deal It,
Turned Into A Million.

Money Was Irrelevant,
Actin' Like I'm Hesitant
Four Times Five Mansions Bigger Than 20 Elephants.

Out Of Curiousity,
I Was Curious If You Could Carry That,
Curry Killin' It But I Got On My L.A. Laker Hat,
Nobody Got A Swag Like Mine,
It's Impossible, If It's Possible, Possibilities Would Be Remarkable.

Always In The Front,
Like I Got A Fast Pass,
Back, Last,
Flow Stanky Like I Got A Gas Mask (Ugh).

[Young Swizz]
I Told 'Em Guess Who's Bizack?
I Smoke's Constantly,
And Blame It On My Cataracts,
And He Get Brain, Well Only In The Cadillac,
This Beat Bang So Hard, I'm Feeling Like I'm Aftermath,

But I Don't Spit Graphically, Hah,
Cause All These Nigga's Spit Spiratically.

Yeah YS, We Ain't Letting You Off That Easy, Home Boy Spit That.

[Young Swizz]
Aye, Aye, Drew, Listen, Nigga,
I Hear 'Em Talking Like You Not Hot,
And What I Do, Shit, Go and Cop Another Drop

I Gotta Fetish For,
Shittin' On These Nigga's
Cause They Under The Category
Of Diddy's Bitch Assness.

Nigga, You Girl So Classless,
Trickin' All You Fam Bam With Some Glasses
She Jumpin' In My Coupe,
Tryna Get The Cash In,
But I Ain't Got Nothing For Her,
I'm Just Asking.
Track Name: Prescott Park (feat. Brennan Ford) [Prod. by Jehf Slaps]
Cause We, Party All Day,
24/7, That's Just Part Of Our Way, Uh,
We Just Call It P.A.D, P.A.C,
Just Stay Away From D.A.D, haah,
(Repeat 2x)

[Drew Raber]
I Do It My Way,
Cause Of The Ignorance Of Stupid People Tryna Lie Away.

Alot Of Pretty Girls Yo! (Ayeee)
Alot Of 'Em In This World Tho (Hey)

And Over There We Got The Potheads Sitting By The Tree,
Then The Rich Kids Pulling Up In Bentleys
All We Need Is A DJ, Good Food And Then We,
Are Straight For The Night Cause We Ain't Going to Sleep,

And I'll Tell You Right Now That If You Ain't Dancing,
You Didn't Show Up, Cause I Promise You Gon' Be Bouncing,
And When I Say Bouncing, That Means You Gon Be Leaving Cause Everybody's Party Animal's In This Season,
Even Ask Beezy

He Know's Whatsup,
Uh, Prescott's Back So Pop The Trunk,
I, Do 'Em Like Nas, Ha, Made You Look,
And Everybody Over Here Just Show Me Love, Yeaaah.


Party Til' The End,
Got New York Swag,
Call That Jeremy Lin,
Whatsup Drew,

Why Aren't You Hosted In The Lobby?
Big Kimosabe,
Teaching Me To Ball Like It's Yo Hobby

I've Been Gone For Too Long,
The Fans Forgot About Me,
Now We're Reunited and It Feel's So Good,
And As We Roll In The Cadi, You Just Pop That Hood,
Party Til' The End Don't Get It Misunderstood.

We Got Good Music, Tupac and Biggie,
The Next Thing Ya Need To Do Is Flip It Like Missy,
You Know I Go In Hit It Out Like Griffey,
You Know I Got Bank Like That Private Stock.

The Party Ain't Jumpin Unless It's Island Rok.
So Stick To It, Stay Above The Influence,
You Shoulda Knew It, That Prescott Is Congruent.

You Know Me The '02 the '03,
Repeat Championships Like Kobe.

Track Name: 32 Bars (feat. T.R@bb) [Prod. by T.R@bb]
I Write With A Saber,
Style Is Priceless,
Pay Me In Layers,
My Flow Like Swimming With Tiger's,
I Didn't Say It To Say It,
Me and Drew Raber.

[Drew Raber]
From Later To Late Man,
His Eyes Red That's Why You
See Him Wearing Them Ray-Bans,
They Fake Man,
Why You Ain't Got Nothing To Say? Damn,
They Say Rabb.

Kidnap 'Em And Put 'Em Grey Vans,
I Bust Like Grey Hounds,
And Wolf Grey's I Stand.
On Yo Head Like Ginóbili Bald Spot,
I Can Hit From Any Spot, Kobe Zone When I'm Hot.

[Drew Raber]
Got Caught By The Cops In The Fastlane, (Uhh)
The Goodwood and Supreme From The Cash Mayne,
Hit 'Em In The Head Cause He Didn't Know My Last Name, (Uhh)
Kept Smoking It Cause It Wasn't Lasting.

Keep It Clear As Fiji
Buffet Style These Rappers
Are You Up For Cici's,
Pizza Make It Rain Like
I Live In A Teepee,
Clean As A 3-Piece
You'll Get Left Out Like A Car With 3 People and 2 Seats

[Drew Raber]
That 2-3,
I Pick 'Em Up And Leave 'Em Like Groupies,
They Knew Me,
I Stay Away Because They Got Cooties,
That Stussy,
I Go Ahead and Rock Undftd
Cause They Know That I'm Untouchable They Don't Wanna See It, (Uhh)

My Flow Is Seemless,
You Better Take The Scenic,
Soap In My Mouth
When I Cuss With My Mom's,
What I Spit Is The Cleanest,
Everything Is Clean,
I Must Work At The Cleaners,
With Two Girls I Hit Back And Forth,
My Venus And Serena

[Drew Raber]
The King Has Been Delivered,
And I Ain't Just A Singer,
Just Been In It For Too Long,
But Not Even A Senior,
Them Hater's All They Do Is Hate,
While Actin' Like Some Creepers,
Staying Humble, That's All We Can Do,
In The Middle Of The Winter,
Just Chill Like It's Summer,
And Just Party Like A Winner (Hey).
Track Name: Supreme (Beanie Beanie)
Supreme Beanie Beanie,
Drinking AriZona's With Yo Momma,
The Hundreds Snapback,
Got Me Lookin' Oh So Proper,

Yeah I'm Steezin' Up The Building,
On That Bruce Wayne Ish,
Flyest Dude Up In The Room,
It's Probly Cause I'm Asian.

Yeah, See You Could See Me Nappin'
And All Them Shooter McGavin's They Don't Wanna Make Me Happy,
They Hatin On My Hair,
Well It's Probly Cause Their's Is Nappy,
And All Them Hater's Hatin Cause
I'm Rapping Like An Arachnid uhhh,

Them Hater's I'm Overlapping,
They Always On That Wack-Ish,
Thinking They So Fantastic,
Success Is What They're Lacking,
I'm Chilling With The Dragon's,
But I Ain't Hiding From The Hater's Kinda Like Bin Laden,

Yeaah, Uhh, See You Could Catch Me Stuntin Right?
Hangin' At The Mall,
Yeah I'm Tryna Get That Diamond Life,
Diamond Light, Diamond White, Everything Is China White,

Everyday I'm Killing,
Cause Everyday I'm Chilling,
In One Big Room. Full Of Bad B*tches!
Track Name: 20 Foot Wing Span (feat. Vic Smith) [Prod. by Mute Speaker]
[Vic Smith]
Chasing A Dream Like Hakeem
On A Fast Break,
The Kid Is On A Rebound,
I Can Tell You How The Glass Taste.

Comin' At You Hot,
Boy You Not,
Don't Exaggerate,
You Sick With The Rhymes,
And I Mean That In A Bad Way.

Aye Real Talk,
I Can Do This With My Eyes Closed,
And Yet I'm Going Ham They Like,
"Damn Vic You 5-0."
Takin' 'Em All,
Breakin' 'Em Off
Saving the Havens And Blazing 'Em Hard
Dewayne With The Ball
No Faders Involved
Stick Til' Ya Jaw Broke

If You Top 5,
I'm Negative One,
Eat You All For Breakfast
You An Extra Get Left
When I'm Done.

On A Track With Drew Ya'll
The Money You Bummy That's You Dog,
I'm Something Everybody Gotta Hit Like A Cue Ball

No Homo, You So Slow,
Get No Dough, You Group All
I'm Solo, But Dope Though,
I'm Postal, Make Movie's Dog,

I'm A Gangstarr,
You Know My Steez
So Homie Come To The Lab
And Get A Show For Free, It's Me.

[Drew Raber]
They Say I Kill Every Song I'm On,
And They Pay Attention
Because I'm A Phenomenon,
And That Phenom I'm On?

That's Nothing, Cause I Know
Everytime They Bluffing,
In The City Of Sin,
With All The Tourists and The Cuffings, ahh.

It Get's Rough, But I Gotta Stay Me Though,
Stay Behind The Lines, Like I'm Shooting A Free Throw,
Eatin' With The Homies, We Don't Eat Those Burrito's,
We Go Down To The Park and Chill Like The Three Amigos.

Look, At How Good He's Getting,
You See The Progress,
Man Is He Really Progressing,
Other Rapper's Just Say, Boy Imma Teach You A Lesson,
Force To Be Reckoned With,
I'm Playing Varsity Ball So Coach Where My Letterman, uhh,
Stay Fly,
Chilling In The First Class,
Bringing Hip-Hop Back,
That Is My First Task,
Play Me,
Well Ya Probly Gonna Be First Last,
Probly Shoulda Stayed to What You Just First Had (Uhh).
Track Name: Freaks & Geeks (feat. R@y)
Just In Case You Missed It,
I Just Took The Game And Flipped It,
Give It To These Rappers Raw,
Dog, Dirty and Explicit,
Got Yo Friends And Family In Awe,
From The Way I Rip It,
Shout Out To You Haters, Fakers,
And You Snitches And You Snitches,
Man This Isn't Nothing Planned Out This Isn't Nothing Scripted, This Isn't Me Tryna Chase My Dreams,
I Live It Boy I Live It,
Going At This Hard As Hell,
There Is No Time To Be Timid,
Man He's Really Going In,
How Can You Tell?
Man Just Listen.
Said The Game Broke So I Though I'd Fix It,
Fans And Ya Hopes So I Though I'd Get It,
Freaks And Geeks And We Had To Remix It,
I'm The One They Can't Play,
That's Why They All Trippin',
Runnin' Circle's Around These Rappers,
You Woulda Thought, I Rapped In Cursive,
This Is What What You Call A Flawless Victory,
That Means I'm Perfect.

[Drew Raber]
Yeah, We Perfect,
Ony Get Them Fine Nurses,
And That Shows That We Bad
Cause We Got That Vuitton Purchased,
Everyday I'm Undefeated,
Got All OF Them Broads Lurkin',
With The Money And The Fame,
Yeah We Got All Them Models Working,
For Us,
See I'm Killin It On Stage And,
They Starin' In Amazement,
I'm Going Off And Sewin' All
Them Mouths That Say I Ain't It,
The Reason They Ain't Me Is Cause
They Just Too Freakin' Lazy,
They All On Level One And Screamin'
To Me Can You Save Me?
Naawh, Cause I'm Already At The Top,
Norf Town Got My Back,
When All Of This Music Drops,
Cleanin' Away The Competition,
They Call Me Mr. Mop,
There Ain't One Thing In This World
That Can Tell Me I Gotta Stop, Uhh,
Cause I Swag, I Cook, I Chef,
DJ Khaled Mentality, Just Screamin Out,
"We The Best!"
Always Shootin' For The Stars,
Yeah, And Never Nothin' Less,
Gettin' Straight A's In The Game Cause I'm Passin' Up All The Tests.
Track Name: No More (feat. Young Swizz)
Ohh, You Know What It Is,
I'm A M.A.N. And I Gotta Handle Bis,
Oh Ohhhh,
We Don't Love Eachother Like We Used To No More.

[Drew Raber]
See I Just Need A Girl,
And You Just Need A Man,
But I'm On The Road Baby,
Can You Handle That?
Cause I'm Just Out Here Doing My Thang,
Tryna Stack That Paper To Ride In That Range,
But When I'm On Stage,
My Mind Is On You,
Our Relationship Ain't In The Place That I Want To,
But Girl I Want You,
I Hope You Want Me,
Cause Everyday I'm On Tour Feelin' Lonely,
But I Got Carti's On My Eyes,
Versace Shades,
I Go Shopping Everyday
Cause I Just Got A Raise,
I Wanna Spend Time With You
But I Just Moved Away,
And Now You See Me And
Look At Me Kinda Like I'm Crazy,
Hollywood Ain't The Thing That Made Me,
Stop Writing Back Cause I'm Lazy,
Don't Wanna Be Ya Slave See,
All I'm Askin Is Can You Save Me? Uh.

Ohhh, You Know What It Is,
I'm A M.A.N. And I Gotta Handle Biz,
Oh Ohhhh, We Don't Love Eachother Like We Used To No More,
No More (You Know What It Is) (x2)
No More,
We Don't Love Eachother Like We Used To No More.

[Young Swizz]
So You An Actress Huh?
Now You Dramatic Huh?
Baby Girl Be Trippin' Cause
Them Stacks Are Not Addin' Up.
Recognize The Raw Talented,
Skilled And Immaculate,
My Pen Game Nice And I Spit It
Like I'm After It
That Guapolay, That Fettucini,
That Mozzareally Got Me On Stage,
Rockin' Like A Model In Bikini,
(When The Door Slams)
And The Holes In The Wall,
You Actin Like You Ain't Gon'
Benefit From Countin' It All,
What Do You Want?
A Regular Job Workin' A 9 to 5
Or Would You Rather Be On The Vegas Housewives,
Up Under You I Won't Accomplish It,
So The Streets I Gotta Hit
I'm Feelin' Like A Million I'm Tryna Leave It To My Kids,
I'mma Be Real, I'm Starting Not To Love You,
(No More) (x3)
Cause You Don't Even Smile No More,
When I Walk Through (That Door) (x3)

Track Name: Experiment [Prod. by Rapohnelizenz]
See I Created Him,
Couple Weeks Later
People Hatin' Him,
Cause He Cause More Havoc,
Than Godzilla, You Can Hear The Screams And Torture Sounds Of A Killer With,
His Dope Delivery,
Punchline After Punchline,
Flow So Hard You Coulda Sworn It Was A Crime,
You Probly Already Dead By The Time You Hearin' This,
Sorry, He Was One Of My Experiment's.

[Drew Raber]
Well, It Was An Accident,
You Constipated, Go Ahead and Take A Laxative,
All This Terrorism To Me Is Quite Ravishing,
Kinda Like Drake, I Can Tell That You've Been Practicing,
To Be The Best, But You Know That It Ain't Happening,
Tryna Learn How To Fight, Jiu Jitsu, Grappling,
You Say You Got Swag, But I Promise You Ain't Swaggin' It,
My Spit Toxic, Unlimited, Lavishing,
You Say You Take Showers But I Promise You Ain't Lathering,
You Setting Up A Meeting But It's More Like A Gathering,
You're Gonna Get, Knocked Up, Heigl, Katherine,
My Monster Is Crazy, Jay-Z, Savages
Can't Find Me, Cause I'm Always In The Lab And It,
Has A Mind Of It's Own, CPU Naggin' It,
Only Use Macs, So My Computers Ain't Laggin' and,
Them Plasma Grenades Stick Good Magnet. Ugh.


[Drew Raber]
I'm Sorry Mr. Officer I Swear It Wasn't Me,
I Just Created Him, I Really Meant For Him To Come In Peace.

I'm Telling You Right Now, Don't You Lie To Me!

[Drew Raber]
I'm Not Sir, I Just Wanna Feel The Light That Freedom Brings.

I'm Not Buying It Kid, Now Hand Over Your Keys,
How Do I Know You're Not Gonna Invent Another One Of These Huh?

[Drew Raber]
Cause I'm Innocent C'mon Man Easy!
These Cuffs Hurt Could You Loosen 'Em A Little Bit, Please Me?


Track Name: Ante' Up (feat. Young Swizz)
My Poppa Told Me I'mma Man First,
Did Some Soul Searching,
Found My Worth,
It Ain't Everyday, But Yeah I'm Into Church,
I'm Going All In (Ante' Up, Ante' Up)
We Going All In (You Better Ante' Up, Ante' Up)
And Now The Question Is, Can He Really Do It Like He's Not Blessed,
Krim Dela Krim All My Records Gon' Be Top Shelf,
All In (Ante' Up, Ante' Up)
We Goin' All In (Ante' Up, Ante' Up)

[Drew Raber]
Uhh, It's Not A Game Buddy,
It's A Lifestyle, My Ambition To Win,
Is Changing Right Now,
So When I Tell You (Ante' Up, Ante' Up)
You Need To Get Out Ya Seat and Put A Drink In Ya Cup Cause,
I'm Not Cocky, I'm Confident, So When I Do Something, I'mma Probly Accomplish It.
I Make A Milli In A Day,
Chill With The Drake,
Go To The Fashion Show And Blow It All Away.
I, I, I,
West Side Homie, But Norf Town Resided,
Chillin' In the Clouds, But Right Now I'm Gliding,
Livin' Good Cause Everybody Show Me Love,
All My Stars, and The Hater's Ante' Up.


[Young Swizz]
I'm Like 50 You Gon' See Me In The Benz,
DJ Khaled Type Of Additude (All I Do Is Win)
He Does Not Bang The Game,
He's Not Young Money,
Just A Young Ass Drake Pocket Snoop Protege,
I'm Reppin' Four Fingers Up, Two Twisted In The Middle,
He's The Prince Of The West Coast, Call Him Young Swizzle,
Goin' All In, Yeah That's What I'm Talking Bout,
No Limits On Our Cards, We Just Order Swipe and Walk It Out,
Exclusive, So Conducive,
They Don't Understand It When I Tell 'Em Boy I'm On That New Shit,
The Benz's, Rolex's, I'm Flexin'
Got 'Em Standing On The Corner With They Sign's Protesting.

[Hook x2]
Track Name: Big Shot (Remix) [BONUS]
[Drew Raber]
They Heard You Livin' Life Like A Star,
Makin' Money Livin' Life On The Road,
And Everybody Knows Who You Are,
Open Mics Turn Into Sold Out Shows,
And Everything Is Different,
Cause Life Changed In The Blink Of An Eye, Oh Oh,
And Everything Is Gorgeous,
This All Came And Took Me By Suprise.

And You'll Never Know, Where This Road Is Gonna Take Ya,
Left to Right, It's Gonna Shake Ya,
Up And Down,
Round and Round, and Change You All Because,
Ya Livin Life Just Like A Big Shot,
You The Man, Number 1, At The Top,
Life Changed, Welcome To The Life You Never Had It All,
Big Shot, You The Man Number 1 At The Top, Life Changed,
Welcome To The Life You Never Had At All.

[Drew Raber]
See I Just Always Wanted To Be Legendary,
But Nw I Got The Fans To Keep Me Busy,
Trust Me They Vary,
Got All This Weight To Carry,
My Girl Is Sceondary,
Cause All This Music That I Do Takes Up My Time but Everyday,
I'm Thinking Bout Her, My Girl Over The Music But Music I Do First,
I Din't Know What I Was Thinking,
But Now I'm Roaming In The Distance, Yeah, Yeah.