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All I Know (feat. T​.​R​@​bb) (Right Middle)

from by MAN$A DR€W

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they know what's good
so what's good bro?
you say you living good but i'm living great in my hood bro
i been working smart
i don't work hard
you don't got that work cause i got that work yo work par
man i'm sitting on $1000
tryna get $100k
you moving slow so you running circles i'm running straight
gold rings this an album i'm done with tapes
& y'all fighting over a pair of shoes so i'm done with j's
& i'm wearing vans
they don't fit you feet
they feeling tired they in pajamas
on me they sleep
i'm singing songs feeling like sinatra yeah do re me
i'm in the north tryna make some commas so go hate me
when you see two g's you sensing my presence
double 0 that's my bredren
they know i been that boy
since '97
i know this fashion but they don't know that i'm dressing
gold watch gold chain i ain't trying but a youngin still flexing

lane changing impalas
radio face come off of my deck
14 karat brass knuckles on my fist
the golden gate on my neck
endorsing lil bro
speaking in morse code
dot dot red dot on yo soul
now they gotta yard sale all of yo clothes
r.i.p. what that mean?
really i'm pleased
cause my broad look like a painting done in the 1900's overseas
& you get overseen
man it's barber school on you fools
sharpest blades chopping
all i need is cream rabb only live by one rule
that's kill or be killed
nah better yet ball or get balled on
verse fined by been trill
my words cut the page til the ink drawn
& dribble
like my knife in the slow down vid
stussy bape camo hoody
cover face young sharks on land eating shrimp in the crib
while i'm working my left hand
bracelet hitting the pot
my nickname 30 grand
it's bubbling up to the top 30
clayton's where i'm from
uptown uptown colonel on my block
blowing the whistle on your hype man
this rolex shitting on the g-shock
i beast the boards like hakeem huh
long live my regime huh
pint of lean in that beam huh
brush my waves slow & flex my rings huh
diamonds move like money may in that ring huh

all i know is gold
all i know is gold
bury me in gold
bury me in gold
all i know is gold
all i know is gold
bury me in gold
bury me in gold


from GOLD RINGS, released February 28, 2015



all rights reserved


MAN$A DR€W North Las Vegas, Nevada

sad genius :(

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