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Make It Slap (Left Index)

from by MAN$A DR€W

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they thinking i'm evil
they calling me frieza
they said they ain't thinking that i am the one
so i gotta make em believers
so much evolving
no involvement
imma keep doing this music here til i end up in my coffin
we got rappers showing up
nobody blowing up
dizzy the only one doing it that's why i'm showing love
a lot of us growing up
& this ain't paying the bills
but this sound is so real
you shooting for points i'm shooting to kill
this what i'm supposed to do i don't get close to dudes
i give em loads of truth when i get open to it
vote me in that voting booth cause i'm the next to do it
double g army the crew, who is you?

like i ain't the best in the veg
they running they mouth & i'm sounding so great
when i'm pulling up in that range
they know what i'm bout & they sounding so lame
& i know these rappers can't hang
& i know these rappers can't sang
& i know these rappers don't bang
cause they spittin' alexander wang & balmain
& i'm running my city
knowing y'all feel me
buy myself a villa
once i hit a milli
imma make a killing
y'all still shop at tilly's
they knowing i'm realer
they still wearing heelys
i'm really tryna

make it slap (x11)


from GOLD RINGS, released February 28, 2015



all rights reserved


MAN$A DR€W North Las Vegas, Nevada

sad genius :(

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