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Tsumetai Kōrasu (Right Index)

from by MAN$A DR€W

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all these muhfuckin gold rings you feel me?
looking like the '90's bulls, know what i'm saying?
we the gawds of the fly shit
all my niggas we all in black attire
pull up to the function looking like the muhfuckin akatsuki
you feel me?
this that northernluxx
we the gawks this that northernluxx

everything i do is la flame you don't gotta tell me once
i know that i'm different i know that i'm gifted don't tell me once
when i'm pulling up with his dame, yeah you can tell he hurt
she loving my gold fangs, i'm shooting like cobain
you can tell her kurt when i
pull up in mazi
i pull up in audi
she looking at me in my eyes
& she do what i say like my name is itachi
uchiha my posse
she know that i'm winning
she see that i'm grinning
she wanna be wifey
i know that she like me
but i went & passed her to brennan
cause beezy my bredren
& he just passed one to me so it's cool
this preme hat yeah this wool
she see me walking with one girl
i mean two girls so i'm duel wielding
that's lara croft
& my videos be in slow motion like max payne
& you flexing hard but you got nothing & that's lame
this ryltes on my body right fit my body nice
i'm tryna shine tonight, got this 3m on my bomber right
this hokkyoku one of one i'm feeling myself
this iverson jordan one on one i'm feeling myself

from cali to vegas
i'm already famous
momma i made it
got these dead faces
might cop a gold bracelet
the kid is so shameless
that's why they hatin
no time for vacation
these rappers be playing
no time for no games
i'm taking these names
yeah i got great aim, bang
when i walk in they heads turn
just watch me & you might learn
what it's like to be a king like me
since '98 man i keep it og
chilling with mansa
we giving them answers
yo girl is my dancer
but i don't want her
i am no lover
she wanted my number
but i gotta dip girl
why you gotta trip
her brain is so good, she should get a scholarship
i got the python rick grimes
& i got these sick rhymes
that make them envy me
plus i'm chilling with these dimes
call me king remmy messiah
yung god be spittin that fire
spreaking the truth
they call me a liar
need me a queen that calls me your highness
i am the finest
finessin on you peasants
giving presents cause my presence is a blessing

yo, i'm over here rubbing my hands like i'm birdman & shit you feel me?
lookin' at you niggas i'm laughing this shit is way too easy, too easy son
me & my nigga mansa
me & my nigga remmy
we flexing & finessin'
& if you don't like it you can get you bitch snatched you feel me?
& if yo nigga don't like it his bitch can get snatched too it's that easy
it's way too easy you niggas ain't fuckin wit it


from GOLD RINGS, released February 28, 2015



all rights reserved


MAN$A DR€W North Las Vegas, Nevada

sad genius :(

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